I am a software developer from Toronto. I graduated from the University of Toronto in the department of Computer Science, specializing in Software Engineering.
My approach to life often leaves me stressing over the little things, but the results are worth the stress. I tend to fall in love with projects, and I commit myself to them. What can I say, you can't choose the things you love. Once I have reached this point I will not be deterred by any prospect of time, labour or inconvenience from achieving the best result possible.
Once I decided to host Christmas dinner for 25 of my closest friends. Wow, that was a long couple of days. I spent many sleepless nights planning the execution beforehand. It was exhausting and most things didn't go according to my plans. I'm sure I handled that with all the grace of a chicken with its head cut off. In the end the food was delicious, the company good, and I remember the experience with fondness, and a desire to rest a good long while before attempting it again.
This attitude is a large defining factor of my development methodologies. I love a challenge and that's what software projects are to me. Each one I approach with that same passion. I have incredibly high standards for myself, to develop projects that make me proud.
My worry for the software industry is the seemingly growing number of developers who don't take pride in their work. I once attended a talk during which a room of a few hundred computer science graduates was asked if they thought that they wrote beautiful code. Only 5 of us raised our hands. That was disappointing, let me tell you.
I try to surround myself with people who have similar, if not quite so intense, standards and I look forward to meeting many more and learning what I can from them.