Rapleaf / LiveRamp
Software engineer. Currently leading frontend engineering projects. Working primarily with JavaScript, Backbone, Jasmine and RoR. Other responsibilities have included implementation and maintenance of high performant map reduce jobs in Cascading, and integration with third party apis.
CaseWare International
Web developer. Solely responsible for maintaining and implementing all features for Working directly with marketing, support and application teams consulting and designing solutions to satisfy user and business requirements. Working with Python, JavaScript and CSS.
Loans for Less
Lead designer and developer on contract for a small startup creating financial service software for a kiosk. Designed and developed front end GUI, kiosk level software, backend operator application, and database management system. Involved consulting with the client and translating business requirements into design documents. Worked mainly with C# and SQL Server.
University of Toronto
Student developer and consultant. Worked 4 months with a fellow student, then 4 months alone, consulting with a member of Object Mentor to develop an Eclipse plug-in. Involved meeting with the client to determine the goals of the project, designing the solution, and beginning development. Plug-in involves rendering graphical visualizations from java class files and working with the Eclipse refactoring engine to modify java code by way of changes to the visualization. Worked with Byte Code Engineering Library, Eclipse libraries, and Java.
Embarcadero Technologies
Junior developer intern. Worked both alone and with a team to improve existing software, identify and fix problem areas and to plan and develop new features. Worked mainly in Java, C++ and MFC, with occasion projects using SQL and improving licensing methods and application installers.
  • Technical
    • Languages
      • Proficient in JavaScript, Java, Ruby
      • Comfortable with Prolog, Racket, C#, Python, SQL
      • Working experience with C, C++
    • Tools
      • Eclipse, Visual Studio, Firebug, Git, SVN, Photoshop
  • Interpersonal
    • 2 years experience serving in restaurants and 2 years experience working in retail. Very friendly and confident when meeting and interacting with people. Able to courteously and effectively handle clients.
University of Toronto
Elected Social Director of the Computer Science Student Union, and volunteer for the Department of Computer Science. Organized social gatherings for computer science students, gave tours of the department to potential students, participated in departmental events such as a program to promote interest in computer science to young girls, spoke in panel discussions on student life, wrote articles for the departmental newsletter, and organized groups of volunteers to participate in promotional events for the department.
Google Ambassador
Student representative for Google in the Computer Science department at the University of Toronto for the 2007/2008 school year. Promoted Google events, planned events for students, and maintained contact with the Google University Programs department in order to apply for sponsorship for such events.
University of Toronto
Honours Bachelors of Science
Computer Science Program, Specializing in Software Engineering
Cumulative GPA for final 2 years: 3.4
  • Cooking
  • Steel Drum
  • Board Games
  • Reading - Fiction, Graphic Novels
  • Rubiks Cube - able to solve 2x2 - 7x7
  • Art - Sketches, Pen and Ink