An Eclipse plug-in which links Java classes to the refactoring engine through visualizations
An Introduction to Feature Diagrams
An Update to Feature Diagrams
The concept of Feature Diagrams was created by Micheal Features. The goal is to provide a graphical visualization of relationships between methods and fields within Java classes. This visualization allows users to quickly recognize groups of dependencies. This is beneficial when refactoring existing large classes into smaller ones.
It was implemented as an Eclipse plug-in by myself and my partner Leo Kaliazine. At the point which the project was passed on to new student developers, graphs could be generated from Java classes, and would update themselves as changes were made to the source code.
Installation Instructions
In order to run the plug-in, you must be running Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers, and using Java 5 or higher.
Eclipse update site URL: http://nicoleallard.ca/downloads/FeatDiagUpdateSite
Zipped Plug-in: FeatDiag.zip
The plug-in requires plug-ins for GEF and Draw2d to be installed as well. These should be automatically installed during the installation of the Feature Diagrams plug-in, but in the case that they are not, they can be obtained here.