How to install Feature Diagrams Plug in for Eclipse
Step 1:
Begin the installation from the Eclipse Help menu item.
Step 2:

Select "Add". In the window that pops up, fill in the following information for a remote installation.

  • Name: Feature Diagrams
  • Location:

If you are behind a proxy and the Eclipse install mechanism does not work, then you can download a zipped version of the update site and then choose an archive site and navigate to the zip file.

Step 3:
If "Feature Diagrams Feature" does not appear in the list, try unselecting the check box "Group Items by Category". Check the box next to "Feature Diagrams Feature" and click "Next".
Step 4:
Read any licenses that appear. Select the radio button "I accept" and click "Finish".
Step 5:
The plugin will install. After it is finished, it will be recommended that you restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect. Click "Yes" and wait for Eclipse to restart.
Step 6:
Any required plugins should have been downloaded and installed automatically. If they were not, you will need to install GEF and Draw2d in the same way as the Feature Diagrams plugin.
Step 7:
Enjoy the plugin. In order to open a new feature diagram for a java class, right click on the class in the package explorer and select Feature Diagrams > Open Feature Diagram.
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